And they’re off!

The 31st of August 2015 has been etched in my brain for the last 20 months.

20 months ago I signed up to join the ‘adventure of a lifetime’. One of those tag lines that I feared over promised. How wrong was I!

There have been so many adventures already, some set to test, but initially as an individual and now as a crew, the experience has and continues to be mind blowing. More on those to follow.

Not only have I learnt to sail but I’ve learnt to set up a blog too (I think!). Bear with me as I get into the swing of things.

For now, all you need to know is that the race to Rio started a couple of hours ago and The Warriors are in third (out of 12). With 5,990 miles to go it’s early days but we’ll take every psychological advantage we can get.

Proud to be in the race, proud with what I have achieved so far and proud to be a Warrior. No longer is this an ‘I’ thing but a ‘we’ thing!Parade of Sail image The leg 1 crew Current Standings

Follow us on:

or look for CV31 on vessel finder.

Good luck Mission Performance.

And they’re off!

One thought on “And they’re off!

  1. Kay Grimstead (Ma) says:

    Brilliant Lucy! Thank you for a lovely day at St Katherine’s Dock and beyond watching the fleet set off. Go Warriors! Mum x


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