An act of bravery

An act of bravery they say. I thought so too when I started the day with mascara.

After writing my will, the final entry on my to-do list, it was the time for the off.

I checked and rechecked my kit (below) and took the brave decision to omit the third set of clothes. Two weeks (or just over) and two changes of clothes will have to do. I don’t envy my brother who’s due to hug me on arrival in Cape Town. Think of the savings on those washing bills when I’m back!

The moisturiser has gone ladies. I’m going for the weathered sailor look. They say winning takes sacrifice. There you have it.

Forcing myself to be organised

I have hugged, kissed and waved my parents goodbye with lots of love.

I’ll speak to you next from Rio. Thank you all for your best wishes.

And Sajel, my travel pillow is smelling beautiful. Thank you.


An act of bravery

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