I’m in Rio baby!

It seems I’m not suited to the Italian way. Either that or I’m a natural. Back in April I booked the cheapest flight I could find to Rio which gave me a couple of hours in Rome en route. When I arrived last night, an hour delayed, I was expecting to have to break into a sweat.

After a childhood of staff travel and standby tickets, navigating airports at high speed was an art form perfected by the Grimsteads. This was different though. It seems Italians don’t run or rush or show any glimmers of urgency. And guess what, I fell for it.

Lulled into a wonderful sense of calmness compounded by the fact my onward journey was an hour delayed, I sat by the gate watching the world go by and having a peek at Facebook. Bloody hell, one of my best friends had just got engaged! Far more interesting than any flight calls (if their were any?). I really did have a run on my hands. Proud to be last on the flight, any earlier and it would have been a waste right?

Anyway, it’s morning rush hour Brazil style. They don’t seem to move too much faster than the Italians so it’s quite pleasant weaving around the streets of Rio in a taxi.

I’ve had no vision of The Big Man yet but I should get up close and personal tomorrow. I have however seen a sign to Copacabana!

It really is Rio


After visiting the boats and bumping into a slim Greg I headed back to my pink hotel to find the Warriors. They were out in force.

Andy, Roger and I took to the streets of Rio. Money stuffed in each bra cup (I need all the help i can get!) and 20 BRL in my pocket in case of the dreaded tap on the shoulder. Iphone was left back at base for obvious reasons.

We’ve flip-flopped for hours in and around buzzing markets, befriended heavily armed police, been warned about muggings from locals and had a moment which can only be described as the modern equivalent of running from the trenches into the enemy line. Mum, Roger is a national weight lifter and Andy has a PhD in physics. If we couldn’t out think them then we could out run them if we needed to. Neither was necessary.

Delicious street food from a bustling calzone stall in the market. English is not spoken here so it’s communication by international sign language only.

So far so good even if the money in my bra is now a little clammy. Yes, it’s HOT here.

5pm memorial service for Andy followed by the crew party.

Rumours are circulating that LMAX won’t be ready for race start as she still hadn’t been floated this morning. When asked what she’d hit ‘Brazil!’. Fair enough.

obligatory selfie

Quick snooze, uniform on and then it’s back to the boats moored alongside ‘the park of death’. That’s its literal translation.



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