Toilet talk

If there had been a wet t-shirt competition I would have won. There was only one entrant.

Today was refresher sailing day. This was the day where we head out into the bay to get the money shots of rio (and remind ourselves how to sail).

Oh, how I/we were wrong. No sugarloaf, no Jesus, Copacobana looked like Brighton and it was a BAD day to wear a white t-shirt. Cold, tired, wet and effectively naked. Sub optimal.


The sailing however was strong. Great to be back with Kyro, Johan and others (we all did level 4 training together).

Sheltering in a sail

Just been out for a delicious dinner with a bunch of the crew. I wish we’d listened to the parenting handbook’s first rule, ‘no toilet talk at the dinner table’. I now know the optimal toilet, how to flush, how to call for help and other head etiquette… It’s a science. Massive embarrassment (based on normal living standards) is a great incentive for paying attention.

Tomorrow it’s back to the marina. An all hands on deck call to attack the jobs list and the all important bunk draw. I’ll be hot bunking with Vin (round the worlder Lavinia from level 4). Fingers crossed for a top bunk. Whilst you have to do gymnastics to get into bed, it yields a little more privacy.

Fighting the germs and tiredness….that’s only going to get worse!

Toilet talk

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