Knots – hair and wind!

My watch are asleep and I will be following shortly. Hoping to grab a couple of hours
before our next watch. It has been one of those days. We have had one kite wrap and
one block at the top of the mast blow today. Hard graft trying to do damage limitation
and repair on the go.

For James – [In answer to your question, the Code 1 (that needs repair) is
the size of a tennis court. Any space with a power socket is helpful, the bigger the
better. Even a garden with no prickly things could work if we need it.]

Glad I’m not the one that has to go up the mast! We have probably had 25 kt winds today and atop speed of 23.5kts surfing down the waves but Greg has asked that we check the supplies in the storm bags as we potentially have a few interesting days ahead. 40 plus knots I think. He’s not concerned as it will be behind us and will blow us a long albeit there
will be a big swell. James, big ‘surf is definitely coming your way. We about 400
miles west of Tristian de Couna and after that we’ll have the count down to the start of
the sprint gate and then on to capetown. IF we arrive before 23rd when my apartment is
free, please can I stay with you? The temperature has really dropped in the last couple
of days but I guess that’s because we’re on the edge of the Southern Ocean. No
albatross’ yet just one false sighting.

It took me 40 mins to comb my hair yesterday and my skin is spotty and disgusting.
Bring on a facial in capetown! Tomorrow is new clothes day which has become very
exciting. Thanks for ordering the ice breaker clothes mum. I’ll be fighting you for
Emily’s nappy rash cream. Yes, the damp conditions just keep on giving. Odeon is still
a bother (I think that’s mutual) but everyone else is really nice. I have written the
crew blog today so look out. Having a little chuckle as Sally is on mother tomorrow
with Andy. Sally tore her shoulder in the first few days and Andy gashed his thumb at
the same time (a story for another day). How they are going to do the galley dance I
don’t know.

Love to everyone and time for bed.

Knots – hair and wind!

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