Day 10

i’m taking a short break from night watch to warm up…its currently 2:30
ish on boat time.

we’re moving like a rocket through some pretty wild conditions. Just seen
44+kt apparent winds on a broad reach doing 28.5 kts through the water.
waves crashing over us etc etc. Its all the stuff that you would associate
with ocean sailing and films. I’m now into some serious layers of clothing
with thermals, mid layer (walking duvet) and foulies. IT’S COLD!

I haven’t heard any update on position for a few hours but understand we’re
making good gains on GB. Our strategy is fairly risky. We gybed earlier
to go south with a bit of east in it. Our helmsman are trying to hold a
course of c.140 which is tough in these conditions. Intention is to get a
good entry into the sprint with optimal wind. Our undrstanding is that
Qingdao and Lmax are in light airs which is helpful for the rest of the

I can’t emphasise enough how much I smell, more specifically, my hair
smells. Last washed the morning I left rio and we’ve seen some pretty
sweaty/salt times since then. The first shower will be a very long and
bubbly one.

Just heard a yelp from above….a particularly big wave I think with the
boom dragging in the water.

The stars are interlaced with rain clouds. The southern cross is shining
brightly but to look at it you put your face in the path of oncoming wave
traffic. She who dares wins.

Bit diappointed with the wildlife tally. Since the last update it has only
increased by one seal, a few squid and some black coloured birds. Squid
seem to get magnetically drawn to our deck. Pretty unlucky for them to have
stumbled across a boat out here.

Early days to take a wild stab at arrivals but early hours of the 21st
October have been muted. Alot can change between now and then and boats
have been known to get stuck in Table Bay for 24hrs. My accommodation
doesn’t start until 23rd.

Lovely to hear that Emily is putting on weight. I can’t wait to meet her.
Call me a traditionalist but next time I might catch a flight!

Mum, glad the internship is going well. Pleased to hear that the house is coming
along. Its so far from my current reality that its unbelievably hard to

James, I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I should hear in the
next couple of days about when we’d like the warehouse space and how long

Love to all x

Day 10

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