Just a quick one. The last couple of watches have yielded a few milestones and
other less exciting points:
– We have crossed the Greenwich Meridian
– Finished the ocean sprint
– I have voiced further, fairly colourful concerns, relating to Odeon
– Seen many shooting stars on one of the few crisp clear nights we have had
– Have scooped endless sightseeing squid off the deck
– Another filed kite drop acccompanied by equiment failure and destruction.

Sea state calm, wind light and dropping, finish line 790 miles. Its down hill

Fingers and hands resemble a carpenters.

Expected arrival Cape Town early 22nd Oct.

James, please can we book the warehouse from 22nd? I don’t know how long for

Pls can you earmark a hair/beauty salon that us woman can frequent?

Love to all. xx


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