There is a real electricity on the boat this morning.  After navigating our way
through a painfully slow night of high pressure, the sun is shining and guess
what we can see on the horizon… ?

Yesterday’s words from Greg were that we will never been in contention for 1st or
2nd  given GB and Garmin’s lead (ex LMAX) and that our fight was with Derry for
third.  It’s all change!!

Garmin are currently a speck on the horizon 8.9 miles ahead of us (down from the
50+ yesterday). We seem to consistently be doing 1 knot faster than them.  The
crew are hungry now as we have 350 miles to reel them in.  Our best helmsmen are
on the wheel, we’re rotating the grinders to keep them fresh and the trimmers are
keeping the spinnaker twitchy.

With the unpredictability of Table Bay ahead we need to make our move
now…remember our code 1 (light winds) is in tatters.

Fingers and toes crossed.



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