Well what an adventure it has been already. I don’t have a huge amount of
time so I will try to keep it brief and will fill in the gaps at a later

Mum, I remember in Cape Town you mentioning that you kindly edit my blogs
checking for spelling and removing some of the swear words. I have
therefore taken a slightly different tact reverting to childhood. Remember
you used to say tht the most emotive and potent swear word was “woolly

Race start. Wow what an emotional day. It was so incredibly special to
share with family and have my brother wave me off. Tears were flowing and
emotions stirring. This is after all the Southern Ocean. Why I’d signed

We left Cape Town well placed and managed to navigate ourselves through the
light airs. So light in fact that we had our wind seeker up. Essentially
a sail as lightweight as a silk scarf to try to catch any breath we
possibly could.

At the 4am watch when Port Watch came up on deck the wind started to build.
Then….. WOOLLY SOCKS, WOOLLY SOCKS, WOOLLY SOCKS. A totally unexpected 65
knot winds, the wrong sail plan, all hands on deck (the first of those in
anger) and absolute chaos and worse, fear. After a few hours we got
everything under control, our medic was downstairs with the patient and our
very sick yankee two was wrestled down below. We survived!! Thank WOOLLY
SOCKS. Big bro, I remember you telling me to put me, number 1, first, so
that is exactly what I did retreating off the bow and taking shelter by
the coffee grinder. Perhaps cowardly but more likely sensible.

Since, it has been calm and, uncharacteristically for down here, we have
been beating into wind making slow progress. Dad, I’m sorry but it is
looking like we will be several days (3-4 at this stage ) late for Albany
arrival so it may be worthwhile pushing back the start of our accommodation.
Woolly knickers [that’s a new swear word on me!] shall now be rationed further.

Otherwise, things are going really well. Great to be sharing a bunk with
Vin again. In fact, I’m on mother watch with her now playing catch the
flying objects. Bread and butter pudding in the oven, birthday cake baked,
breakfast bread made, shepherds pie ready for dishing up. Providing that
the gimble on the oven continues to work, we’ve nailed it.

Glad to have got mother watch out of the way today because we move to our easier-
to- prepare storm meals tomorrow as a couple of areas of low pressure pass
through. Nothing like the first I understand. Thank Woolly Socks.

Best dash.

Lots of love and really hope all is well.



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