‘Big Storm’

Once again the ‘Big Storm’ that caused some disturbance further back in the fleet (60-70kts) failed to appear. We have had a day of rain and the
temperatures have dropped again but all ok. It is still fairly mild in
comparison with recent days.  Currently wearing: sports bra, woolly pants, 2x socks (one borrowed water proof pair), a pair of plastic bags (also on my
feet), thick wool base layer trousers and top, down jacket and down
salopettes, foul weather smock and salopettes, merino beanie, additional beanie, boots and life jacket…oh the joys of getting dressed and undressed.

Its funny, as we are about to embark on day 20 my emotions are beginning to turn.  For days 9-13 ish I felt a bit low, I was not yet immune to the smell and dirt, progress was slow, we’d had the woolly socks beaten out of us, it was freezing and we were slipping down the rankings.  Since, life has been far more buoyant, increasingly so as every storm dissipated and Australia edged closer.  Now I’m a bit mixed.  Partly ecstatic, after-all I have almost crossed the Southern Ocean and I am going to be greeted by family when I get there.  Further, Australia means drinks with friends, the white sand of the Whitsundays, the Sydney Hobart race and CHRISTMAS! That’s a big deal.  But then there’s the fact that my race, this two year adventure, is that bit closer to the end.  Let’s not think about that yet, too much fun (?) still to have.

We’ve had a hard couple of watches as the ocean sprint drew to a close.  Sadly 4th at last count.  In the skipper’s words we have worked harder for this than any other but there were two factors out of our control; the integrity (or lack of) of our kit and the fact that other boats will inevitably face differing, potentially more favourable weather conditions.

It is back to high pressure now (I am on log duty and am watching the
barometer rise) and that is expected to continue to 200 miles off the coast.
Fully expect a 5:30am suncream application tomorrow!!

Thanks for the emails and please please wish my Dad and Georgie a happy

Hope the weather is being kind back home.  Not only will that make
November slightly more enjoable for all but it will hopefully mean good
progress on the house renovation (ignorance is bliss!).

Love to all.  xxx

‘Big Storm’

One thought on “‘Big Storm’

  1. Richard Foulkes says:

    Hi Lucy, don’t know if and when you ever get these messages, but you are a great blogger and I think you need to add a few more legs so you can crack the Pacific as well as the Southern O. See you in Albany! Rx


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