What a long day!

Throughout my two night watches last night (8-12 and 4-8) and after the
mothers had finished in the galley I set about Vin’s surprise birthday cake.
Apple and Walnut. As supplies are running very low I have had to squirrel away the ingredients over the last week.  The boat only victualled for 24 days thinking we’d be done in 21, today was day 24.  From tomorrow we are on the emergency food bags and should we need it (god forbid) the storm bags after that.  Anyway, the cake came together perfectly including my stencil for a birthday message on top.  A welcome distraction from the desperate conditions.

No wind.  Not a breath. And when there is anything we have to go in the wrong direction.  Further, Ichorcoal and others charging us down.  It is beyond frustrating when you know that a few very simple acts/decisions could have changed the result unrecognisably. Still, I’m too tired to care especially.  That probably says a lot because those who know me will know that I’m a competitive animal with little effort.

Anyway, the cake was very well received as all 19 crew sang to her after sunrise.  The good thing about the watch system is that it always feels like morning/afternoon/evening and therefore you can justify cake at any time. Today it was 7:45am!

Life aboard is getting a little edgy as tempers are fraying and many crew
members are quite simply desperate to get ashore.  I am one of them.  The
tiredness is unbelievable and the poor diet is taking its toll (you’ve only
heard the good bits).  I have started getting headaches and feel weak/sick. As the lack of wind still challenges us and our likely arrival window slips
(25ppm/26am) I am starting to wonder how I will ever get back on the boat to continue.  There is no room for grumbles as everyone is feeling similar. An hour ago we heard that Ichorcoal have now overtaken us after playing cat and mouse on the horizon.  Greg is putting on a brave face but must be feeling terrible. I’m sure all anyone needs is a single amazing sleep but for now that’s just a dream.  The wind is now gradually building so I’m hoping we’ll make good, calm and steady headway to Albany.

Enough drivel.  There is a HUGE piece of news.  One that you simply won’t
guess.  Odeon is leaving in Albany.  After his third or fourth attempt to
circumnavigate (I forget how many) he’s decided it is just not for him.  I
actually do feel a bit sorry for him as I don’t like to see anyone fall short
of their dreams.  Still, it is clearly a weight off my shoulders and most

Mother watch has dragged out a bit and I’m currently waiting for the bread to rise before baking (Its not rising so I’m a bit stuck as to what to do)
whilst surrounded by spinnaker woolers and the kite itself.  Sleep is next on the list.

Rumours have also started flying about who is one what watch for the next leg.   I think I may have Mike Moore as my watch leader, a lovely american guy who is shit hot at sailing.  Rumour also has it that I may be ‘Bow 1’ which currently fills me with horror.  Bow 1 runs the foredeck and everything forward of the mast.  It is a reflection of the lack of experience on the next leg. In fact, the next leg presents all sorts of worries as we are short on numbers; Odeon leaving, Sally still signed off by the doc, Mel also signed off by the doc….that leaves 17 of which 5 or 6 are new joiners (we had 23 on leg 1).  More Southern Ocean, the small matter of the Sydney Hobart…its going to be TOUGH.

I had best go.  Sorry to hear that it is cold in the UK.  Thanks for your help
mum.  I will keep going and will remain as upbeat as possible.

Love to all xxx

What a long day!

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