Me? Shout?

I know it’s almost time to get back on the boat because my boots are nearly dry.

I have soaked up rest, pampering (thanks Karen) and the local sights over the past few days. Albany is a cute little place but I’m not sure I’d travel hundreds of miles from the nearest international airport to visit. That said, it has spectacular coastline, the best museum I’ve been to (the Anzac museum), some impressive modern architecture and the friendliest and most generous people I’ve met in a long time.

Sadly for the entire time I’ve been off the boat I’ve had laryngitis. Clipper have taken far more interest than I would have liked and sent me to the hospital for an assessment. Oh jeez. They were trying to ascertain how contagious I might be or whether I might need antibiotics mid-ocean. I am now armed with all I need and  have the green light (phew). Just as well as it all kicks off again tomorrow. The only rule is not to shout. Like I would do that!


Weve been briefed and briefed some more. We know from Cape Town the weather will be nothing like forecasts suggest. Hopefully this time we’ll actually have weather and routing capabilities on board. The southern ocean is a tough enough place with them. Nobel-Greg should get some respite. In other repair news we should also have the invaluable Yankee 2 back tomorrow morning after the damage sustained in THAT storm off the coast of South Africa.

In other news i have a new watch leader, Mike Moore. An incredibly knowledgable individual with huge respect from all those whose have sailed with him. I’m looking forward to it. Port watch has Mike plus 8 (sally [returning from fractured shoulder], Inna, Janice, Me, Vin!!, Mary, Nicholas and Tim). You’ll note a few things, firstly the watch is smaller, secondly it’s mostly female and thirdly I have a new bunk buddy, Richard. As much as I’d love to be considered strong it is fair to say that we’re missing muscle (and experience). This leg is going to be TOUGH. Thankfully it should only take 12-15 days. I’m really hoping its 12 because I’m looking forward to my time in Sydney a lot.



The other big news is that I am confirmed as ‘bow 1’. I’m running the pointy end of the boat. I’m panicking but shall endeavour to give an air of calmness. A bit like the desk job! There’s a big difference between sitting in the passenger seat and driving solo. I’m trying to run through all the evolutions and associated roles in my head so that I’m ready, my team know expectations and everyone is clear on roles. All of this is good for the, errr, CV? Spare a thought for the fact that I can’t speak/shout!!

I’m excited. Excited that we may get weather, excited that we’re going back into the Southern Ocean, excited to have the opportunity to run the bow and learn loads but most of all I’m excited at the opportunity to sail into the most beautiful harbour in the world and catching up with good friends. That said, I’m also scared.

Think of us tomorrow. 12:21 we slip out lines. 13:00-14:00 we have our parade of sail and eyes to the sky as dad displays and 15:00 we get going. Light easterly winds and high pressure are expected for the first 24 hours and then we have a storm. Brilliant (?). Hoping the bow team will be oiled by then.

Time to go. I have caramel koalas to eat with a stugeron chaser.

night. Xx






Me? Shout?

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