Keeping it brief

This morning was our final brief before breaking for Christmas. It was also Gavin’s last opportunity to go up the mast. “Just tie a blood knot” Greg said. Well, it’s a bit different when you’re 90ft up without a handbook!


The work is done, we have a full compliment of sails and my hair’s plaited. Now all we have to do is sail fast.

A few amendments to our watches to balance the muscle. The main difference being that Richard joins port watch. Welcome. This means that Christian is my new bunk buddy (formerly Vin’s) and he joins me on the mid starboard upper bunk. We will be hot AND high side bunking so I fully expect Christian and I to be pretty mobile. I will also be spending this leg in my recently repaired dry suit at all times and will be forfeiting my matress to remain deck ready.

Two new bits of kit join the leg. A personal EPIRB in addition to our personal AIS beacon and a new sparkly pair of Zhik ocean racing boots. You may remember that the latter not only required plastic bags to keep my feet dry but had also worn through the sole on one foot-the dominant high side foot!!! Poor boots for this sort of sailing but incredible customer service. Thank you!

On Boxing Day Dad and Karen will be watching the race start from the manly ferry. You too can watch one of the most exciting race starts in the world as you digest your turkey. We need all the support we can get!

There will be no live stream of the start on the Clipper Race website, but the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is broadcast live on the Seven Network throughout Australia, and webcast live to a global audience on Yahoo!7 and live streamed via mobile.




Keeping it brief

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