Popping pills


Turns out that life at a good heel in choppy seas CAN be more uncomfortable than previously experienced.  And there was me
thinking I was a tough cookie, well times have changed or I have met my match with broken ribs.  Hard to believe I raced Cowes Week with a broken leg.

I was up on deck for race start dragging myself across the deck with as much enthusiasm as I could muster.  After we had crossed the line in a rather upsetting last place and the sea state started to build I retreated downstairs for a quick 1 hour nap before my official watch started.  2.5 days later I am still down below catching up on sleep and popping pills.  Quite the boat druggie.  In my brief spell on deck it was desperately frustrating not being able to lend a useful hand but I simply had no choice.  A couple of times I found myself easing lines but that was/is really my limit.  We had a brief spell with a kite but the majority of the time we have been under white sails which helps to take the pressure off the crew a bit who are light handed to say the least. Much to the frustration of others and to my complete delight the wind is due to drop to nothing in 24-35 hours mid ocean sprint.

The crew are being very understanding, some more so than others.  Until today I have not even been able to attend to my role as chief confectioner (along with senior sail tie manager, global head of Missi enthusiasm and head of sympathy absorption).  I have now located Port Watch’s maltesers, tim tams and skittles and will administer shortly in an excessive dose.

I have booked accomodation that is worth waiting for in Airlie Beach.  There is a sun lounger with my name on right next to the Marina so that I can get maximum rest before heading home (oh Jesus I’m not ready to say things like that).

Please be very clear that whilst I hurt I am still enjoying myself.  There is one HUGE perk… my hair is down and knot free!!!

Love and peace to all (this morphine is good!) xxxx

Popping pills

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