And that’s a wrap!

I boarded Missi with great trepidation in Hobart for this final race of my journey. I was in a huge amount of pain and drugged to my eyeballs and couldn’t bare the thought of that continuing. Suffering in the middle of the ocean is very, very different to being on land. The doctor had assured me that I could do no further damage, my spleen was unscathed and after the low point (7-10 days after the accident, the Bass Straight) I should start to feel an improvement. On hearing that Greg provided further comfort. “Lucy, the most amount of wind we’re expecting is 15-20kts and much of that will be from behind making for a smooth journey”. An easy wallowing ride in the sunshine I thought.

That was quickly forgotten as the weather once again disobeyed. The wind was back on the nose for much of the trip and as we fell off each wave I winced, occasionally letting out a yelp from the confinement of my bunk. That was usually accompanied by a cascade of the Tasman Sea through the closed hatches into the ‘dry’ saloon area below, the boat equivalent of the shake and wake snow dome. For someone who had been so active onboard not being allowed nor physically capable of even sticking my nose out of the companionway hatch for 6 or 7 days was torture.

The race had everything; no wind, lots of wind and absolutely loads of wind, cold and wet to steamy and sweaty,  baron seas to incredible wildlife, a victory and a last place, bickering and the kiss and make up…

No good story would be complete without three things though; a bit of heroism, a great come back and a happy ending. And that’s exactly what was delivered. Gavin saved a life, I returned to the bow and I’ve completed my journey to sail half way around the world.

I had my final, and very complimentary debrief with Greg yesterday.  Official crew change over day is on Friday but I’ve clocked out, passport in hand.  It’s time for me to kick back, recharge my batteries and mend before going back to my renovation project, work (!!), friends, family and the gym.

I have some great photos (once I have wifi) and a few more detailed tales and learnings to share so it’s not quite over on Grim at Sea but for now a sun lounger and a stunning view awaits and after 13,000 miles of sailing I think it’s well earned.

And that’s a wrap!

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