The bump

Wow. It’s that time again!

When I left the office everyone said the time would fly. If I’m honest I didn’t really believe them because I was filling the gap with something a little less ordinary. Thinking back there were certainly times when it dragged like the middle of the southern ocean. I hate to admit it but they were right. It’s like I never went away.

As the alarm went off and it was still dark I got flashbacks of getting up for watch. Of course that didn’t come with the admin of brushing my hair or applying make up. Oh how I wished sometimes!

I’m clearly struggling to ‘move on’ as I have yet another clipper gathering on Friday. There’s something so special about sharing the experience. After all there are very few who will truly understand what it’s meant. Hopefully that will coax me through this week. In fact, the lovely cathy is on stand by wine duty this evening if the bump won’t be soothed by a trip to the gym!

I also got an email from the boat over the weekend telling me how much they missed me. They then went on to say that they were a little concerned who might run the deep clean in such a militant style. I was hoping that my legacy maybe something a little deeper than ‘cleaner’! I’ll take that though because it’s always better to be remembered somehow.

This morning will inevitably frustrate as I try to work through system access, pass activation, desk moves etc etc. I can’t wait to speak with clients and colleagues, particularly those who have been egging me on. I had a quick trip to the office on Friday and was amazed at how many people said they were following my blog. I wish I could remember what I’d written in it. I’m hoping I didn’t dwell on the spotty bum or smelly feet!

It’s time to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. It will be fun. How long until lunch??


The bump

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