Back seat sailing

We’re nearly 36 hours in and I cant decide if it’s more of an emotional roller coaster on the boat or the sofa.

To quote my brother I’m ‘the most competitive person’ he’s ever known-perhaps a little excessive but I get his point! In a race I’ve always thought that to be a good thing but trust me, when your watching from afar and have absolutely no input other than moral support then it’s bloody difficult. That’s irrespective of how loud I talk to my iPhone!

Sailing past Dover

Navionics and vessel finder are never far away. As is a second opinion in the form of my brother. I feel like I know the tides and traffic separation schemes in the Channel intimately. Seeing us slip from third to sixth in real time yesterday and to wake up in last place is disappointing.

I keep telling myself that we’re just a few hundred miles in to a 5,000+ mile race. Things change.

Two important learnings:

  1. You only get one piece of the jigsaw when sitting in the backseat.
  2. Regardless of what I said at the top, it must be so much harder on board. Crap sleep, food out of a dog bowl, heartbreak from saying goodbye, trying so hard that you physically hurt, your first glimpse at not being able to get dry and that moment when you realise that trying everything in your power is just not quite enough on the day.

Taking a flyerTides that tease

Keep going warriors. Enjoy the chase. Well done LMAX for an incredible claw back.

Back seat sailing

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