It’s the thought that counts

News in from the boat…Mike Moore, one of the watch leaders:

‘We’ve really demonstrated how things can change in an ocean race, having held every position from 3rd to 11. We seem to be about 5th or 6th at the moment, but it changes every watch. I’m on sattelite commnications now, so entries will be brief. The crew has really come together – doing an awesome job of sailing the boat, cooking for a small army, and keeping the boat working.’

Another great quote from Gavin about 6 hours ago taken from an email to his dad.

‘About to go on watch. We’ve lost the wind hence the frustrating pause. We’re happy and a quick boat when things are going for us. We have our sights firmly on the chase. Morale excellent’

One consistent theme…happy and hungry.

You’ll come to get to know all the crew in time. Gavin is exceptional. He is hearing impaired and has a permanent need to wear two hearing aids. With the help of lip reading he can get by day-to-day.

Imagine nightfall when there’s a bit of a breeze. You or I can’t hear, let alone Gavin, and you certainly can’t see. No hand signals and no lip-reading. Colin (will explain his story another time because that too is incredible) came up with an idea that’s ingenius. It puts any corporate diversity and inclusion policy to shame.

Every crew member now has glow in the dark lip balm and glow in the dark gloves. Exceptional.

I don’t yet know if they work in real life but this is really a case of ‘it’s the thought that counts’.

I clearly remember Gavin raising a concern at the crew bonding weekend in the Brecon beacons. He understandably didn’t want to feel out of the banter. I hope this is a reflection of just how much we care about each and every one on board Missi.

By now they’ll be settled into the watch system and will be adapting to their sea legs. A calm Channel and Bay of Biscay may have just saved a few stomachs and kept crew strength in reserve.

Come on the warriors!

3.5 days in

It’s the thought that counts

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