An early call for fresh pants

Clipper fever has hit hard. The race tracker ‘sperms’ (as Jez calls them) keep popping up all over the place. If I’m out to a client meeting there’s always race brief on my blackberry or at the desk on my return. A professional sailor is ready to break out of Stu! Without realising it the team are making me incredibly excited.

HUGE progress today in just about every way. We’re in 6th, have good speed, have just said goodbye to Europe and I’ve almost mastered my first pull-up in the gym. Even better, the Warriors describe champagne sailing while those at the front are reporting an exhausting time. Team morale is kicking in and the Warriors have that in spades.

Changing a sail is no mean feat. It’s hard to comprehend just how big and heavy these things are. Each boat has 16,500 sq ft of sail on board…a tennis court is 2,800sq ft! Now think how hard it is to fold a fitted sheet. Add to that the fact you’re at 45 degrees, wet and there’s 30kts of breeze. I love it but many don’t.

The Warriors are whistling away to themselves as they work and Missi is purring. It’s such a buoyant day on board that Greg has called for an early change of pants (skipper’s perks, I’m only taking three pairs for a month).

LMAX the monkey

Meanwhile team GB are cursing. One ripped sail and ‘a splayed mess of metal’ replaced with a tack block jury rig (read: bodge job). Thats what happens when you push too hard, we all probably see that in office-life too. Let’s see how this unravels. Maybe, just maybe, slowly slowly catchy monkey is going to pay dividends. Be nice doldrums.

Anyway, a pleasant distraction from my mad neighbour and 2 month build delay.

An early call for fresh pants

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