Turn slowly back to the weather

I am writing this message with a saddened heart
I guess it’s been a measured risk right from the start.
We’ve been put through our paces over and over
To face oceans after that right turn at Dover.
The Elements reign above any syllabus
No man can stand up to what nature throws at us.
Yes, it’s dangerous but that’s part of the appeal,
If it were a simple trip then how would we feel?
Today’s update is not about me or Mission.
Who cares what today has done to our position.
Andrew Ashman of the clipper family passed,
Our sails proverbially lowered to half mast.
I am overwhelmed with shock and awash with woe,
How Ichorcoal are coping I just do not know.
The bond built on a boat is like nothing before
After a week at sea it feels like many more.
In Andrew’s honour the voyage must continue
With care and caution engrained in every sinew.
When you’re ready, turn slowly back to the weather
We’ll be strong and celebrate his life together.

Andrew Ashman

Turn slowly back to the weather

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