Origami Squares

That moment when you open one eye and then quickly close it in disbelief. Disbelief of just how much your head hurts, disbelief that after 30-odd years you still can’t remember to have a glass of water before bed and disbelief that you asked a delivery man to arrive at 7:30am on the morning after your leaving party. Yes, well, that’s me today.

Yesterday came and went at great speed. I’m so glad I took Sajel’s ‘I think you should wear something a little nautical’ seriously. Actually, more so, I’m glad I took the conventional navy stripes meaning rather than the more accustomed thermal underwear and foulies translation. Everyone made such a huge and unexpected effort for a rather undeserving me. The inflatable shark, the map of the world, the bunting, the sea themed fairy cakes. Amazing and a real treat for the person I was asked to interview yesterday. Thank you.

[Oh good, good, the builders have just arrived next door with a hammer and cement mixer]

After a few drinks with colleagues I rather aptly caught up with some of the ‘graduate guild’. The cool name (really?) we gave to the graduate class of 2004. Class makes it sound grand. There are three of us and an honourary wife. The only crying that was done was because of laughter. Priceless.

The poor restaurant had to deal with us being completely childish. Remember as a kid making an origami toy out of a square of paper where you pick a number and then a colour, lift up a paper flap and it tells you ‘you’re my best friend’ or ‘kiss the person next to you’? Some bright spark (I think it was me) decided to give that game an outing after 20 years. We each submitted a couple of undisclosed challenges/dares and began to play the adult, Russian roulette, tequila shot version. Desperately immature now I type in the cold light of day but beyond funny at the time.

I still have plenty of work to do to square things off but that’s it folks. After 11 years at work the umbilical cord has been cut, albeit temporarily, and the challenge really begins. A lady of leisure without the comfort of a salary (bed, shower, decent sleep) and with the experience of a lifetime just around the corner.

The countdown has just been reset from leaving work to leaving for Rio. 18 days.

Origami Squares

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