Out for a duck

In recent months all non-work, non-essential items have been deferred to the gap between work and play. I found myself doing the same today before I realised that I’m now living that gap. Bugger.

You’ve only got to look at the first page of the list to understand why my alarm is set for the usual time tomorrow morning (bugger again). Another attempt at bloody pull-ups at 7 and then onto crossing things off.

I suspect you can tell a lot about someone’s psychology from the quality (or otherwise) of their to-do list. No comments please!

Oh jesus

leg compensation – I promise I’m neither American nor claiming benefits. I’m less confident saying that I’m not scraping the financial barrel trying to get an extension on my house done while away.

baby gifts – what on earth do you buy your best friend or brother’s babies that aren’t due to arrive until I’m mid ocean a week apart? Their like London buses, just when I think nothing’s coming and turn my back, more than one arrives!

Kit list-Good old socks. Sounds simple right? Quick trip to m&s will sort? Nope. Think about it…what’s the sock plan (who knew one needed a plan for such things)? One daily rotating thin pair and one weekly rotating thick? But then what about when your feet are cold? Two thick? Then they won’t fit into boots. Maybe wool will solve the trick and yet you want something quick drying. And so it goes on. Socks will stay on the to-do list for a while. It’ll be like ordering the main course, make a decision under pressure and suffer food (or sock) envy forever more.

list for mum-Mum is balancing a degree with manning the Grimstead control room. Any kit SOSs and mum should have a list. Theory sounds great but that involves spreadsheets and organisation. Neither being a particular forte.

Wash sleeping bag-if you could see the size of this waterproof, fur lined beast you’d realise that this isn’t a 40 degree and fast spin job. I think the Tooting laundrette is about to get a shock.

Neighbour access-I don’t think I’ve had a proper winge to you about my neighbour just yet. I might spare that for a day when I’m in a bad mood so you get the full un-cut version. In short, she’s weird and is trying to scupper my plan to renovate my house while I’m away care of a frog. 16 wk build and I’m gone for 16 wks. Ignorance is bliss and in two weeks that’ll be me.

Bla bla (brush over the will because my parents read this) bla bla.

Currency for destinations- we were all asked for any skills the boat could depend on. The Clipper team were lapping up the doctors, restaurateurs, engineers. They then got to me, currency sales. Hmmm. And I cocked up sorting my own currency purchase while I was at work. Off to the post office.

This brings me onto the last point I was going to mention, the Kindle. As I mentioned yesterday, work very generously gave me a Kindle to while away a few hours. Over the next 2 weeks I need to fill the thing up with literary masterpieces. I’m a non-fiction girl and all suggestions are welcome. Recent books have mostly involved boats sinking or great escapes from prisoner of war camps (see earlier comment re psychology).

In fact now may be a fitting time to share with you a great read for anyone interested in sailing, looking to manage a team or keen to get an insight into how others think. Take a look at ‘Team Spirit’ by Brendan Hall. Read and enjoy.

Anyway, I did cross one thing off my to-do list today-this little dude. The where’s wally of this adventure. You’ll see more on him later.

If in doubt, duck

Out for a duck

2 thoughts on “Out for a duck

  1. Ged.Corbett@rbs.com says:

    Suggestion for a book – The Narrow Road to the Deep North, by Richard Flanagan. Even though it is written as a novel, it’s based on actual events, and is superb.


    Ged Corbett
    G10 FX Trader
    135 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3UR, GB
    Office: +44 2070852809 | Mobile: +44 7947663363


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