The battle is on for third place

I realise that I haven’t mentioned the boats for a while. In a handful of lines:

-Lmax and quigdao are safely in Rio claiming first and second respectively. The deep cleans are now well underway.

– GB and Londonderry are in a dual for the third podium spot. They’re so close they’ll be able to smell (and hear each other). Proper racing and mind boggling given the thousands of miles they’ve covered.

-meanwhile Mission Performance got their racing mojo together and decided to hit the race sprint hard. Delighted. It has paid off and we put in an impressive performance (we also now know what it’s going to take). Just ichorcoal left to determine whether we’ve won a precious 2 points and the Andrew Ashman plate. Given the significance of that title to Ichorcoal they’re not going to give it to us without a fight.

Third place dual

The battle is on for third place

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