Mission position

3 sleeps to go!

Fantastic news today. The Warriors have secured the Andrew Ashman Plate winning the Ocean Sprint and a coveted 2 points. Small compensation for a double dose of the doldrums. The team see hungry which is exciting news for the likes of Kyro and I joining in a few days.

You’ll hear more about this gentleman I’m sure. In a few words: Young, great sailor, used to race barges with his father, competitive bugger, oozes positivity, high flying camel racer and party animal. And of course the question everyone wants to know, what are his legs like…. 2 and 3 is the answer.

Jeff is also joining in Rio. I haven’t sailed with Jeff yet so I’m lacking the info you glean from whiling away the hours on the rail. What I can tell you is that he’s an undertaker. I used to find that funny. He has a wider stance with legs 2 and 8.

You’ll see from the tracker that we’re currently in ‘stealth mode’. Effectively hiding the boat’s movements from other race teams and the audience. As the winds become flukey off the coast of Brazil tactics mean everything.

Closer to home I spent the day chosing a kitchen, going to battle on party wall agreements and scooping up a whole ‘disposable’ wardrobe from Primarni for, wait for it, £22!!!! Sun dress £1, shorts £1…I pushed the boat out (boom boom) with a £5 necklace. All will go to charity when I take to the boat so the efforts of the tailors don’t go to waste. Did I say cameras are forbidden in Rio?? Hot to trot care of the Primark SALE!

In other news the builders have started on my house. Day count 1, neighbour complaint count 1.

Tomorrow is pack the house up day, my last night in London and the eve of my leaving workout at Crossfit. Privileged to have such a thing and to train with the team but LOOK AT IT!


Carb loading as I type xx

Mission position

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