South Atlantic – Day 3

Hi Mum
I think we have made it to day three. They say there is a wave for
everyone and mine was just leaving Rio. First sea sickness episode and I
wouldn’t recommend. The weather has been pretty intense since we left the
harbour with consistently strong wind and big waves with life at an angle
of 40 degrees. A few (minor) injuries. We had a great race start leaving in
the lead. Disappointingly this morning’s scheds have us in 7th. Still
aiming for the scoring gate which we should reach on Sunday morning. With
mother watch out of the way I’m starting to get some sleep. Saw my first
shooting star last night. Biggest annoyance so far is my hair being
magnetically attracted to velcro. Otherwise all good. South Africa seems a
long way away!

Lots of love to all xx

South Atlantic – Day 3

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