delia day

Turns out I’m on mother watch today with the lovely Lavinia. At first glance it’s a bum job but actually I think we’ve struck lucky. After the parade of sail and race start we’ll head down below.

Every day someone from each watch is assigned the role onboard of mother. It is your responsibility to feed and water the 22 crew.

It involves preparing breakfast which could include porridge, cereal, toast or bacon sarnies, baking bread, making cakes, concocting lunch and the creation of a full blown cooked dinner.

if cooking for 22 wasn’t hard enough, if you’re sailing upwind you’re doing so at a 30 degree angle and trying to time your sickness around the kettle boiling. Did I mention it’s also 35+ degrees of humid heat? Lovely. The old addage of one hand for you and one for the boat applies so you find yourself juggling pots and pans dodging any food or water that dares to fly off the gimbled cooker.

the perk is a full night’s sleep in a bunk away from the main accommodation. This increases in value as the time at sea elapses.

Today is a bonus. Half a day’s work in seas close to the shore (reflatively flat water) and a gentle ease into life on board.


delia day

2 thoughts on “delia day

  1. Kay Grimstead says:

    Whatever you are feeding them is working! You may not have had a chance to see for yourself but you are in the lead by one nautical mile! So keep your distance Sweetie and keep Missy coming!


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