race day

Here we are. It’s race start day. It has always seemed like something so far away but it’s suddenly upon us. Perhaps not so suddenly for those reading this.

There was an air of nervous excitement over breakfast. A certain quietness. Everyone has become contemplative. Even the leg 1 crew are focused. Perhaps driven by the weather ahead (we have gorgeous blue sky), maybe the goodbyes or maybe a recognition of just how tough the last 6,000 miles were.

I said farewell to my dad last night, my mum yesterday morning and my brother today. Many wise words said and a few tears shed. I’m happy and excited and the helicopter buzzing above is waking up the butterflies.

I will do my best, I will try to stay say, I will look after my crew and our boat and I will race hard.

Mum, Thank you. I will treasure your card.


Love you all.

probably one last update before leaving the shores and handing the pen to my mum.


Ps all words of encouragement welcome. Please send to lucysgonesailing@outlook.com.

race day

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