It’s all coming together

Palm hearts, slow cooked lamb and grilled banana with cinnamon washed down with pink champagne and Merlot overlooking the city. Don’t mind if I do! A fitting and rather extravagant end to our stay in Rio and toast us on our way.

image image image

It’s all change with the bunks. Vin and I have been ‘promoted’ by some considered blagging on Vin’s part to the forward UPPER starboard bunk (closest to camera with red/blue). More privacy, more storage and plenty of opportunity for dismount gymnastics. Hooray!


The other brilliant news is that the skipper has ear marked Kyro, Johan and me for the bow. Johan and I being partners in crime (or rather trim) on the ‘Starboard’ watch and Kyro representing Port. Exciting news when we’ll quickly face 30+ knot winds and similarly impressive waves. Foulies and dry suits are ready to go.

A couple of views we need to get used to!

image image image

Kyro and Johan from level 4 training have become good friends. That said, I’m still paying the price for buying underwear in front of them. Mistake. Seems like boys don’t understand how practicality needs to take priority in times like this and granny pants are a necessity.

As we ran through the watch group there was a recurring theme. WE WANT TO WIN. We need to test just how much it’s wanted but the very fact that’s a top priority at this stage is fine by me! We certainly have the weather to make that happen. Strong wind suits us.

After the formalities, which involved looking at a chart of our route marked with scoring and sprint gates, we finished the odd jobs on Missi and set off for our final hoorah. Most have opted for a quiet one, we did too but the opportunity for scenic sundowners was just too welcoming. I’m looking forward to the boat inflicted diet and a handful of stugeron.

image image image image image

We’ve toasted to fair weather, our safety and our friendships. We’ve bid farewell to loved ones (I still need to speak with my big brother) and tomorrow morning at 10am (2pm UKT) we board the boat. 1321 (1721 UKT) we slip lines and commence a parade of sail and 1500 (1900 UKT) ten-boats cross the start line.

The race route initially takes us along copacobana before turning South East and then East for 3,600 miles.

Hold on tight xxx

It’s all coming together

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    Fair well Lucy !

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