de ja vue

Turns out that there is another colour on the wind chart scale, purple. You can probably guess how I know this. If I used the word ‘spicy’ to describe the weather out of Rio, then this is likely to be a madras. Hmmm. Anyway, that’s still a few days away yet…


I also thought it fitting to include an extract from the Clipper newsletter. Tremendous.


It was great to be back out on the water today. When we arrived in Cape Town it was dark because they no longer illuminate table mountain at night. We could have been anywhere. We had wonderful weather today so got a first-class view coupled with the flukey winds the bay is famed for.

40 knots gusts, our first broach mid-gybe and a man trailing in the water. Not quite the image of mission performance that the photographer had in mind.

Yesterday I was asked to smile more in my posts…I promise I enjoy it (when I’m well rested, fed, dry, warm…) and here’s the proof!


Off to some big knees up with the British ambassador. It’s their knees up, I’m working.

2 sleeps to go.


de ja vue

One thought on “de ja vue

  1. Burne says:

    Maybe you need the word phall, (faal or fahl)…hottest curry…even sounds like a wind doesn’t it! We’ll be watching you all the way… Cx


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