Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

It’s off to work I go.

I can tell it’s nearly time to go back to the seas because my fingernails are growing, my hands are peeling and I’m starting to care what clothes I wear.

today was the first full day of boat prep. 20-odd people set about the to do list which included lubing the main sail track up the mast, whipping some lines, replacing two reefing lines (they snapped during our rather spectacular and terrifying entrance to Cape Town harbour), checking and repacking the kites, servicing winches etc etc.

At 10am I was the lucky one to don the helmet and harness and become the waterfront spectical and I was hoisted up the 90ft mast to set about the mail sail track. A spray can of lube, a metal spike and a damp cloth tied somewhere on my person. Thankfully I was nice and discreet in my £1 bright orange Primarni t-shirt (the wardrobe is still going strong).

Part way through the day four MP crew joined representatives from two other crews in a coaching session hosted by our sponsors. The idea being to help us promote and nurture the things that worked well in the last leg and give us the tools to address the things we may want to change. It was just like being back at work (but in shorts and t-shirt!). My biggest take away was how much happier our boat is in comparison with others.

speaking of work, I got such a pleasant shock to be flagged down by one of my clients (Paul from Bridgepoint) out of the blue on the quayside. He seems to have contracted the Clipper bug so it was lovely to have the opportunity to show him around the yacht. I’m not sure if it put him off or not!

Tomorrow I’m out on the water again but this time for a photo shoot with a helicopter. A great opportunity to capture a few pics for our sponsor with the backdrop of table mountain. Let’s hope it all goes to plan given our recent track record with the kites. I’m pretty excited because as the new leggers returned from their refresher sail today they came back with a list of wildlife longer than we’d seen in the whole of the Atlantic. Let’s hope I too get to see seals.

in other pretty big news our watches have been announced. Delighted to be with Kyro under the watchful eye of our new leader James. Odeon will also be in the watch. It also transpires that Vin won’t be in our watch which means I  have the pleasure of her as my bunk buddy. Off to find some chocolates for her pillow (not joking). It really is little things like that that make the boat a much happier place.

3 nights in a bed left. After my party antics last night I should really make the most of them.

i also got the lowdown on the Qingdao skipper being asked to leave…for another time!

laters xx

Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

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