The table cloth

My first day as a tourist has gone tremendously well. As Sam packed herself off for a day of work on the GREAT Britain boat, I set about collecting the troops to head to table mountain. Mum opted out this time.

My brother, the local, made an amazing tour guide making sure we had all the water and warm clothing we’d need for the hike. As we set off it started to rain, the cloud descended and the table cloth dragged on the floor.

Gavin (RTW) and his father, Alistair, Andy (who leaves us in CT), my brother and I started the climb. For those who haven’t done it before should note the word ‘climb’. It’s not easy. It was the perfect antidote to being cooped up on a boat for 15 days.

After an hour or so we made it to the summit to soak up the beautiful views; the imaginary marina, lion’s head in all its invisible glory and Robyn island in its historical magic. That’s what postcards are for.


After the ‘work’ it was time for some play. A date at the Cape Grace hotel for afternoon tea. Someone has to.


Now one to prize giving where I shall be cheering on Sam and Debbie in their triumphant victory. Go girls!


With LMAX and Qingdao now slower than the pack it makes for exciting news that Mission Performance holds on to fourth place. Let’s see if we can improve on that next time.

Night xx

The table cloth

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