Its has been a 24 hours that can be described with some of these words:

– Developed a game of guess the country.
I’m a girl…ans:  Uraguay
Stand in Line and be patient:  Kuwait
And so on…

Amazing what acts as a source of distraction.

We also got the laser thermometer out.  Sea temp 7 degrees

We’ve had more 50 knot winds.  New top speeds (mine was 20 kts, boats was
26 kts)

I was set a task of getting kelp off the starboard rubber.  Using a boat
hook as a tagliatelle fork seemed to do the trick.

delicious dinner of lentil and sausage stew followed by peaches dolche de
leche and madeira cake


A healthy reminder of just how quickly things can turn and how dangerous
this ocean sailing can be.

After a full on morning of sail changes yesterday making for an exhausting
watch we hear the familiar pop (from the last leg) of the spectra doughnut
popping up at the top of the mast.  We had made such good miles on GB and
put some good water between us and Garmin that there appeared only one
solution, to send Kyro up the mast to switch halyards (we have a spare of
each halyard)

The histing halyard twisted around the mast and forestay, the safety
halyard did similar and Kyro was stuck.  He couln’t go up or down.  Weather
was closing in.  There was only one spare halyard left and that too got
stuck.  One solution left and only one, to blow the kite, drop it, free up
that halyard and get him down.  The kite wouldn’t bellow.  Kyro had been
clinging on for 2 hours in the southern  ocean swell after a painful watch.
Bloodied hands, nose and now covered in some spectaular bruising.

We got him down relieved to be alive nd relatively unscathed as we all are.

This sh*t is dangeorus.

Excuse the bullet points.  After not getting any/much sleeep for the last 4
off watches  I need to get my head down.

Smiling and making progress.  Good news. x


One thought on “WET WOOLLY SOCKS

  1. Kate Auckland says:

    Hello Loops!

    A seriously tough 24 hours, but sounds like you have a strong team there. So proud of you. Just looked up where you are on the map, nearly half way by the looks of things. Well done love!!

    Things here are slightly less exciting, very mundane by comparison. All good with Seth and I, heads down getting through a busy period at work. I’ve started going to Zumba classes and walking much more than I used to, feel a bit fitter for it and therefore more in control. Still up and down emotions wise, but I’m told that’s normal and the exercise is definitely helping with that. Seeing Beccs tomorrow night which will be lovely. Away seeing my friend Amy this weekend and rehearsing Christmas carols for our choir concert in December so lots of nice things going on 🙂

    Keep safe Sha.

    Lots of love,

    Kate xxxx


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