All change again!

What a stunning day!  Really quite a contrast to the stormy day that we were  prepared for.  The storm must have dissipated to leave us with blue skies, white fluffy clouds, ducking and diving Albatross and an impressive Southern Ocean swell. Surfing these waves made for some exhilarating speeds – I think the top speed today (and of this leg so far) was 26.4kts. Spare a thought for those trying to use the heads or knead bread or indeed sleep at that time!

Today was the first day that I dared to get my camera out.  I’m piggy backing off Kyro’s go- pro footage to date as his camera is far more robust than my iphone in a waterproof case.  I have my journal on my iphone so would be gutted to lose.  Slightly amused that you’ll see images of sunshine and glistening seas.

Today was also a very satisfying day for me. As I think I menetioned, I am part of the bow team.  There are 3 of us in each watch that take responsibility for all that happens on the mast and forward of it.  With inclement weather that includes ‘reefing’ the main sail.  We carry multiple sizes of headsail but that is not practical with the main so you have to effective fold the sail such that the surface area reduces.  Crudely you can have 75%, 50% or 25% of the total sail area.  The process of achieving this requires c. 8 people operating reefing lines, halyards, manning winches and controlling what happens at the mast.  I led several
of these today and all went to plan even if there were hiccups en route.

We have made it halfway! (only halfway?!?!?!).  I think the crew were disheartened a little with that annoucement as the last 14 days have been a hard slog and it feels like we should be able to smell the eucalyptus trees.  Sadly not.  That said, it is downhill from here and now that we have some speed we hope that the second half will be much faster than the first. Ten days perhaps?

Tomorrow brings with it mother duty for Vin and I.  The bar for this week’s Delia award is set pretty high already and as we have seen the last of some of our fresh foods (onions) it makes putting on a good spread that bit harder.  Currently contemplating trying to use up the soft apples we have by baking them with raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar and serving with custard.  I will also attempt to brush some parts of my hair…there are things growing in there I’m sure!

Really lovely to hear from work and friends.  Lives seems so far apart and yet so familiar.

James, really gorgeous to hear about Emily’s first passport and mum, glad you are ok.

Miss you all.  Imagine when it is less that a week until a bit of warmth and a shower!

Los of love,

Lucy xxx

All change again!

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