We have had a couple of beautiful days now as we are in the midst of a high
pressure system.  Speculation is rife about how many days we have left.  Until
I have more certainty my 3rd pair of woolly pants and week 2’s clothes are
staying on.  Best guess is 8 at the moment but we have a couple of storms to
navigate through first which may well impact that.

After the Kyro mast incident the halyard need some repairs so I have been
wiping anti-chafe onto it and repairing any existing damage.  Amazing the
things you will voluntarily do to stay down below in the relative warmth!

A stunning display from both dolphins and whales this morning.  We haven’t
seen any (or anything else for that matter) for days. A sign that land is

My head is on fire with itchiness. ARGHHHHH.  You never know, my hair may fall
out before I make my hair appt!

Everyone is getting on and we seem to be united in one thing – ignoring
Odeon’s heckling.  I’m getting on really well with Odeous who, together with
Kyro, are looking out for me on the bow.

A hard night’s work was rewarded with M&Ms and Doritos.  Felt like a student

Two final thoughts.  I can’t seem to get cotton buds out of my mind.  Their
nautical applications seem endless.  Also, when your socks are damp it is fine
to hop into your sleeping bag to dry them.  If they are dripping it is a very
bad idea.  Lack of sleep does funny things to rational (?) thinking.

Best dash.  Greg is about to go up the mast to re-run the halyard.  Let’s hope
that goes better than Kyro’s adventure.


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