Yeee haaaa!

Finally settling into life on the bow.  The nightmares seem to have stopped and the smiling in full flow.  Today’s 6 hour watch was action packed.  First and foremost I dusted off my ‘now that’s what I call Christmas’ album, Greg donned his Santa’s hat and we started decorating the deck with tinsel.  The wind picked up gradually and is, I’m guessing, now a steady 40 knots.  That meant that port watch took to the bow for a headsail change and then put in a couple of reefs (busy!!).  We’ll brush over the yankee 1 flake because I’m not sure we’ll want our name anywhere near it!!  Kyro and Marc would have been proud of these evolutions and I was dead chuffed.  Hopefully we’ll have some good
camera footage of them too.  There were a few moments -few -when I was out on the pulpit with waves breaking over me that it felt like I was only clinging on by my toes but in reality it is just as safe as anywhere else as you have the sails penning you in.  I also had a stint on the helm that I was proud of too.  Its a blast out here!

Amused to see that our tinsel can withstand stronger winds than our yankee one!

Brilliant to see that first, second and third all have the same mileage to
destination of 1350 and we are in that leading pack!!!  Loving this!

Not loving trying to brace in the heads at an incredibly aggressive angle.  If
only the toilets were gimbled.  I won’t go into detail.

To celebrate such a positive day I have clean clothes on and I eaten my last
caramel koala.

Good work on the bottle work J&G. xxx

Yeee haaaa!

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