I think last time I typed an email I was talking of champagne sailing, big
smiles and all things being rosy.  Two of those are still the case but if
you had a glass of champagne it would have spilt long ago.  The wind is up
(45kts) with gusts above and the sea state is wild (not in comparison to the
last leg but plenty given we are beating into wind.)

We’ve had to put the storm sails up (the only evolution of our 6 hr
watch) which involved a rather soggy and exhilarating trip to the bow.
Instead of shying away I was up there wrestling with the rest of them.
Good fun.

We have LMAX just next to us in full view and are marking their moves.
Makes for some interesting ‘hold on tight’ calls in the accomodation area
(sounds grand) as you rush to hoist bunks and try to stay safe.

I also had a stint helming today where I had to be strapped and wedged into place so that I didn’t go flying.  Mother nature is a powerful thing and
turns out she’ll always pick on the dry person coming up through the hatch.

Anyway, with a thousand miles behind us and just over that to go the early
guesstimate is arrivval late on the 12th December.  Sydney.  WOW.

Love to all.  xxxx


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