A sinking feeling


…hopefully not literally you understand!!

Today was the first of the official weather briefing for the Sydney Hobart race. It’s a far more formal affair than the clipper briefing given the history of the race. The officials want to ensure that the race of ’98 is never repeated. It’s simple to understand why…

115 starters

66 yachts retired

55 sailors air lifted

35 aircraft used

27 naval vessels involved

6 dead

This is why my stomach churns with headlines such as the below.


The good news is that the clipper crews have been through a lot already. Never wind over tide / wind funnelling to this extent but we have got ocean miles in our legs, plenty of them. Hopefully that’ll help. Sir Robin certainly thinks so.

I also take reassurance from the fact our boats are 35 tonne reinforced lumps and not natty little carbon fibre numbers. I know which one I’d rather be on.

A lot can change in a few days so let’s see.

In other news Vin’s operation has gone well and Mary’s father has sadly died at the age of 92 so she too is leaving Mission Performance in Sydney.

It’s peeing with rain and is cold here. I’m looking like a fool in my summery get up and sandals. Oh how I miss my jeans.


A sinking feeling

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