Whipping Missi into Shape

Our time in Sydney had flown and with a couple of days to go I have to forgo a bit of the holiday fun for ‘work’. There are plenty of things to fix or modifications to make to Missi to ensure she’s race ready, particularly this race.

For those in the UK thinking that I’m sunning myself you’re (sometimes) mistaken. Yesterday it poured and once again I was soaked to bone. Perhaps a healthy reminder? It doesn’t seem so bad with freshwater given your clothes dry.

With Edwin’s help I milked the new Yankee halyard (ensuring any excess sheath protecting the strong spectra core is gathered and removed), whipped it (to keep the core and sheath together and to prevent fraying), moused it to a line I had prepared in the mast (to feed the new line to the top of the mast without having to climb up) and applied an anti-chafe cover.

Today was spent with rest of the crew and the jobs list. For me that included fishing the Yankee halyard, hoisting Gavin up and down the mast (new radio antenna, servicing blocks at top of mast and threading the spinnaker halyard), shifting sails to the park (to template our boat’s sail number to be SH race compliant) and loading some last minute food supplies including apples! I also found myself being an unofficial clipper tour guide to passing visitors who wanted to know more and fashioning a necessary belt for my shorts from a sail tie.

The Marina is alive and buzzing with all those tinkering ahead of the race. It’s so nice for the Clipper yachts to have company. It’s easy to spot our 12 masts!


Of course I couldn’t quite forgo all fun. For Christmas Dad and Karen bought me a flight in a sea plane around the harbour. I thoroughly recommend! Thank you!


Whilst on the subject of thank yous, I have two more. One for the lovely man who gave me his umbrella yesterday (an umbrella didn’t make the luggage cut). And one for the amazing train lost property company who located my purse, money and flat keys on the other side of Sydney.

I thought it probably also overdue to give you a renovation update…

Now for Christmas, the bridge climb and stugeron.

Not long now xx

Whipping Missi into Shape

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