Twenty Questions

The lovely Dean from work sent me an email with questions and I thought I’d share my response:

How were the night skys ? Bet they were great to look at?

Stunning to look at but you’d be amazed at how few cloudless nights we’ve had. Plenty of big weather in the southern ocean that’s accompanied by low cloud. I wish I’d done more research into the Southern Hemisphere night skies (and whale migration patterns) before setting off.

Biggest wave? 40ft. That’s plenty big enough.

Best day? There have been many amazing days/watches/moments where you find yourself grinning from ear to ear. The whole journey has been a personal progression, first leg having my time forward of the mast minimised, second leg being a contributing member of the bow team and third leg running the bow. With that in mind it had to be one of the super active days on the last leg when we’re did multiple sail changes in seriously rough weather without any issues and plenty of smiles (and bruises).

Worst day? This is an easy one. The day I thought I was going to die! Our first night out of Cape Town. Trees being uprooted on land and there we were in the middle of a massive storm having taken us by surprise and consequently being very ill prepared for it. Further we were on the notorious Agulhas bank, home of wild, destructive sea state. Not pretty and it was a lucky escape to have just one human casualty and one and a half sail casualties.

Best new friend and why? This is a toughy because I have made so many friends. There’s something pretty special about someone who can make you laugh or help you in desperate times.

Best thing u have seen? In the dead of night we were approached and serenaded by a pod of dolphins. You only knew they were there because of the phosphorescent lines in the water like lasers. A close second has to be some of the sun sets/rises.

Food u have missed the most? Vegetables, fresh milk and anything chilled/iced.

How many times have u play rod stewart? No rod Stewart. Music was a fairly rare treat given it had to coincide with light winds and there being charge in the deck speaker often found with the other watch!!

Would u do it again? I would recommend for anyone to do it. It’s like a marathon. You say never and then as soon as the dust has settled (or in my case I’ve had a shower) then it seems like a great idea to press repeat!

Twenty Questions

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