200 miles to Hobart

I am making a steady improvement which is great.  Don’t think I’ll be going on deck today though as we are heeling and its that bit harder getting around.  As time passes I’m increasingly convinced that I have just bruised myself although no visible signs (as usual!).  I can see through the ventilation window next to my bunk that there is gorgeous blue sky and a decent breeze.  Slightly deceptive because full foulies still required.  The Bass Straight is proving to be a beautiful place this time around.  Ironic that the wind is due to come around to the north for our third crossing of it so once again we’ll be beating into wind!!  What is going on with the weather this year!??!  In the night they dropped the code 1, raised the code 2 (via the yankee rather than a peel) and are now flying the yankee 1. Technically we should be on the 2 but we’re pushing the sails as hard as possible.  We are trailing Visit Seattle and Telemed having caught them in the night.  With 200 miles to go there is still time to claw back the podium.


200 miles to Hobart

One thought on “200 miles to Hobart

  1. liam says:

    Ouch! Sounds painful. Heal fast and you’ll be back on deck for New Year I’m sure. I’ve never known you too laid up to raise a glass for New Year!
    Take care. Happy Xmas from all in Brazil. L, P& A x


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