The Big Man

The big man (whoever he may be) is doing me a huge favour.  No wind and
calm waters in the Bass Straight are making for quick heeling.   made it up
on deck for the last 1 hour of my watch late yesterday which was a little
victory in the sunshine.  I wasn’t there for work, I’m not allowed nor
could I, just the company and change of scenery.  Turns outs I was useful
though as I noticed the spinnaker sheet was wrapped around the guard rail
just prior to hoist and Sally understandably couldn’t man the cockpit
alone. That was me done though.  Back to bed for a snooze. Sadly due to
light airs and a heavy boat we are slipping a few places nut it remains ver
close.  We must be in an ok place as we are ‘next to’ Wild Rose, a previous
winner under the Wild Oats banner. Still dreaming of my new years day run and you never know, it may happen. Providing of course that we make it to land in time…  Just gybed and speed is slowing picking up.

I’ll be one of the few sailors well rested fr NYE..always a silver lining!

Love from a fast improving wannabe sailor xxx

The Big Man

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