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Ok, so with my track record some may say it was a matter of time. I personally prefer ‘it goes with the territory’.

As most of you will know I trained hard to be strong for this race. It did the trick as I made my way to the centre of the action on the bow. It is therefore Sod’s law that I got injured doing the bloody bilges down below!!!

The picture tells you all you need to know…at least 2 broken ribs.


When I heard that my pressing concern was whether I could sail again but that has been superseded by the fact I can’t drink on the medication. It’s New Year’s Eve, I’m in the party capital of the world (who knew!) and I’ve just completed the Sydney Hobart!!


…and yes I’m signed of for light duties to the Whitsundays. The most expensive taxi ride of my life.



some admin

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