What a welcome!

The warriors have just been blown away by their Hobart welcome. Thousands of people lining the quay, beer in hand whooping and cheering every boat that passes by. Quite a standing ovation. Thank you!

The race itself had so many phases; the start, the storm, the still bass straight and the kite ride home and super-close finish. It was a dream of mine and now I completely appreciate why. An epic adventure that neatly summarised all 10,000 plus miles to get here.

Now for the party. 2 crates of beer in return for our personal EPIRBs. I’ve nipped off to do some admin in the form of a trip to a & e but given I’m a lightweight I can easily join in on my return. My only worry, the precarious ladder down to the boat. Still, probably easier to negotiate after a bit of Dutch courage and pain relief.

What a welcome!

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