Chores on the battered steed!

The last 24 hours have been fairly intense for the crew of Missi.  With 60 miles left of the ocean sprint attention turns to mending our rather battered steed.

This morning Janine went up our mast to retrieve a couple of sliders that had been ripped out of the main sail and left hanging in the track obstructing future use.  As a group work to replace the sliders sewing new webbing onto the main and checking all remaining ones, another group armed with a saw and a couple of lengths of fibre glass (?)set to work on replacing the battens.

We’re making good speeds with just the staysail and yankee 2 but that won’t last as the wind abates.  I have been working to service all blown lifejackets replacing canisters and auto-inflate mechanisms and trying out the sensor that triggers the flashing light.  I’m still not allowed on deck as it is a little unstable and I think that’s the right call.

I’m guessing we have 4 days left and in that time my aim is to make it to the bow…just to take a photo you understand!

Chores on the battered steed!

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