Salmon and macaroni cheese

Well, after this morning’s excitement of rescuing someone on another vessel (see earlier mail)  I thought the day was going to be full of anticlimax.  Remember I said he wind would drop?  The forecast lied.  I can now say that I have been recouperating in 109 kt plus winds.  My contribution was to stand in the galley and pour juice.  My only tale to tell was getting covered in salmon and macaroni cheese dish water in the knock down.  Others proudly tell stories of survival, the helm fully submerged, the mastwoman (Janine) falling to the deck from the
boom and the most stunning sight of 100 dolphins forewarning(?) us of the inclement (to say the least) weather.  Proud of this crew.  Still waiting for some champagne sailing…

We’re doing 20 kts of boat speed under bare poles.  Fingers crossed for an ocean sprint win.  Now that would make a good story…

Salmon and macaroni cheese

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