With the passing of the storm and the seemingly endless bickering on board came the sunshine, music, laughter and frivolity on deck (and someone changing watches and threatening to switch boats).  The buoyant mood more than compensating for the liklihood of last place but in the interest of aiming high, we have Qingdao in our sights…a finish above them will yield another rung on the leaderboard.

Delighted to report that I am not only up and about (and have been
separated from my kindle) but have now survived two full watches one of
which was very much BAU; hanking on sails, gybing and generally just
enjoying life on the bow.  Of course, as is usual with me I have overdone
things a little but nothing to wipe the smile off my face.  Afterall, I
probably only have 36 hours of this crazy boat life left.

The gybing is as a result of our proximity to to the reefs.  We have to
choose the route to destination between little islands and reefs that gives
us the least distance to travel in the best wind conditions minimising the
impact of the local adverse currents.

We had a visitor earlier.  Some questioned if my dad was in town but alas
it was the Australian Border Agency buzzing us.  They followed with a radio call to check our intentions….cocktails and champagne in Airlie beach please!

Now to try to catch a few winks…an almost impossible task in blistering
heat which brings with it sweatinesss and mould, yes mould, growing on the walls of the boat.

Vin we miss you!  Hope you’re healing.

Wind providing, the next time may be from land…



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